Stone Age 2021 Event Report

During the 2021 Stone Age PBEM tournament, 49 participants played a total of 73 games over three rounds.  In each round, players completed four simultaneous games. This year we switched to using a 1000-100-10-1 scoring system to rank players to more heavily favor winning games.

In the first round Rob Kircher and 2020 PBEM Champion Andrew Emerick led the way with 3 wins each.  Eleven other players managed two wins in the round.  Seventeen players advanced to the semifinal and a point total of at least 1210 (one 1st, two 2nds, and one 3rd place finish) was required to advance.

DJ Borton finished atop the standings in the semifinal round with three wins. Four other players earned two wins each: Dominic Blais, Steve LeWinter, Eugene Yee, and Ray Wolff. They were joined in the final round by repeat finalist Haakon Monsen.  Andrew Emerick narrowly edged out Marcy Morelli for the last place in the final by .04 on tiebreakers.  A point total of 1120 (one 1st, one 2nd, and two 3rd place finishes) was needed to make the final.

After narrowly securing his place in the final, Andrew repeated his performance in the 2020 final round with three wins and one second-place finish to claim the championship for the second year in a row.  Eugene finished in a close 2nd with two wins and two second-place finishes, his 2-point loss to Andrew in game six proving decisive.  The top 6 finishers were:

  1. Andrew Emerick
  2. Eugene Yee
  3. Dominic Blais
  4. Steve LeWinter
  5. Ray Wolff
  6. DJ Borton

Eric Freeman, as he did in 2020, had the highest winning score with 228 while James Thompson had the lowest winning score at 79.  Jon Senn had the highest non-winning score at 210.  The average winning score was ~167.

As in 2020, statistics were gathered related to the turn order at the start of the game.  The numbers for this year closely mirror those from 2020, with Seat 1 earning the most wins (21), followed by Seats 2 & 3 (18 each), and Seat 4 producing the fewest wins (16).  Again this year, Seats 1-3 each had an average finish of 2.4, while Seat 4 had an average finish of 2.8.  Lastly Seat 4 also produced a lower mean score than Seats 1-3, averaging 139 points vs 147 points for the others.  This would again seem to indicate that Seat 4 is at a disadvantage.

Once again congratulations to Andrew and to all of the laurelists, and thank you to everyone who participated in the event.