Can’t Stop 2022 Final Results

Sixty-six players competed in the 2022 Can’t Stop PBEM tournament. Aran Warszawski compiled an 8-1 record to outlast the field in the double elimination tournament and claim the championship. Congratulations to Aran and to all of the laurelists, and thank you to everyone who participated in the event.

  1. Aran Warszawski
  2. Bill Masek
  3. Grant LaDue
  4. Dan Elkins
  5. Haakon Monsen
  6. Chris Houle

Thurn and Taxis 2022 Final Results

In the final game of the 2022 Thurn and Taxis PBEM tournament, 2021 champion AJ Jiang successfully rushed the end of the game in only 14 turns. While Rob Murray was able to place houses in all of the white cities, AJ was the only player to visit all eight provinces and his carriage advantage propelled him to a 4-point victory, winning for the second straight year. The top 6 finishers were:

  1. AJ Jiang
  2. Rob Murray
  3. Chris Wildes
  4. Randy Buehler
  5. Andrew Emerick
  6. Alex Bove